Vision & Mission

mantrameans “Knowledge is the Elixir of Life.” So an attempt to attain a noble character and brilliance through knowledge is the motto of our college. The mission statements of the institution are:

  • To contribute richly to the development of the quality of the life of rural youths.
  • To foster value based qualities like discipline, character-building, tolerance, humility and commitment.
  • To encourage curiosity, innovative approach and scientific temperament.
  • To incorporate high-tech techniques to enhance the skills of the students.
  • To stimulate academic activity with integrated personality development.

The emblem reflects the objectives and goal of the institution. It comprises of an open book, a lighted candle, lush green trees, snow capped mountains and the rising Sun. The open book communicates the message that the doors of higher education learning are now open with a view to provide an access to the rural youths to whom it was a distant dream. The lush green trees and snow covered peaks symbolize the rich ecological and cultural legacy of the region which needs to be preserved by making people aware about its importance. The lighted candle dispels the ignorance and the rising sun epitomizes the education as all liberating force that leads one from darkness to the light of knowledge.


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